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        World First SMS/SMTP/HTTP/TCPIP Multi Mode Mobile Asset Tracking System                                 



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PS66x series IVU

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StarG3's state of the art mobile terminal - PS66x series IVU (In-Vehicle-Unit) meet the requirements of all kinds tracking application, from single vehicle personal tracking system, to thousands vehicles large scale fleet management system.  The most critical parts of PS66x are all high quality German products:  they are CE proved high reliable Siemens(TM) GSM module and high sensitivity Falcom(TM) GPS module.

Common Features

  • SMS/SMTP/HTTP/TCPIP multi mode access.

  • SMS for instant tracking, remote setting and remote switching.

  • Relative distance and azimuth for instant check position.

  • SMTP for email checking and tracking.

  • HTTP for easy setup and fast tracking.

  • TCPIP for heavy duty tracking.

  • Easy Setup - No dedicated server required.  No proprietary server software required.  Greatly reduce setup cost.

  • Expandable - Same platform and compatible with Pudlington's other "Smart Traffic, Safer Traffic" products.  Easy to customize user defined functions.

  • Compact and solid fiber enhanced heat resistance enclosure with high reliability.

  • Optional build-in GSM antenna.

PS662 Extra Features

  • Fast relay controlled through SMS command, action immediately, for common use.

  • Safe relay controlled through SMS command, action when vehicle stopped, for immobilization use.

  • Alarm input link to vehicle alarm system or other sensor.

  • Button input for panic alert (SMS) or call out (Voice).

  • Engine power sensing input for monitor engine status or for other sensor.

  • Three voice communication mode: call in, call out, and listen in.

  • Ringing buzzer enable or silence.

  • Optional emergency backup battery and power line monitoring.

Model Comparison

  Model PS660 PS660A PS662 PS662A PS662B
  SMS tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  SMTP tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  HTTP tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  TCPIP tracking Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  GPS antenna External External External External External
  GSM antenna External Build-in External Build-in Build-in
  Fast relay None None 1 1 1
  Safe relay None None 1 1 1
  Alarm input None None 1 1 1
  Panic button input None None 1 1 1
  Engine input None None 1 1 1
  Voice communication No No Yes Yes Yes
  Ringing tone No No Yes Yes Yes
  Backup battery No No No No Yes
  Power monitor No No No No Yes

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