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How to Save Cost?

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Cost Composition

Vehicle tracking system is a integrated system include mobile terminal, receiving terminal, hardware, software etc.  So user must consider the overall cost before setup the system, rather than compare the IVU box price only.  For a complete system, the cost includes seven aspects:

  1. Mobile Terminal or IVU

  2. GPRS Subscription and Usage

  3. Receiving Terminal or PC

  4. Internet Connection

  5. Software

  6. Map

  7. Server Usage

Mobile Terminal or IVU

  • StarG3's unique multi mode mobile terminal or IVU (in vehicle unit) has the best flexible and competitive price for any kind of application.

  • It supports wide range of 3rd party antenna. 

  • It's easy installation and maintenance free design also saves a lot of cost for user.

GPRS Subscription and Usage

  • Using GPRS access, the cost is 10 times or more lower than traditional SMS charge, especially for frequent tracking applications. 

  • StarG3's unique "Flexible Distance-Time Interval" auto tracking setting gives user more selection of data rate as "Pay as Necessary".

  • StarG3's unique remote adjustment of tracking interval and remote switching of tracking mode is the same aim of "Pay as Necessary".

Receiving Terminal or PC

  • In StarG3 system, receiving terminal can use any existing PC with Windows OS.  No dedicated equipment or setup is required at all.

Internet Connection

  • In StarG3 system, any kind of Internet connection can be used for receiving terminal as real time tracking, no matter dial up or broadband.

  • No fixed IP address is required using StarG3's unique SMTP or HTTP tracking modes.


  • StarG3 supplies a excellent tracking software - StarView for user at "Free of Charge" base, and free upgrades for user.

  • StarG3 can open all protocol and support user to develop their own software, or combine the tracking data with user's own MIS or ERP software. 


  • StarG3 system comes with a concise Singapore map as "Free of Charge".

  • Free Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia map will come soon.

  • StarG3's engineer will consult and help user to translate their existing map from all different map format.

  • In the case of can't get any digital format map at all, StarG3 has the alternative way to scan the printing map and use the picture format.

Server Usage

  • Traditional GPRS vehicle tracking system will pay a lot of cost at setup dedicated server and fixed IP address, also need pay for the expert manpower of setup and maintain the server.

  • Using StarG3's unique HTTP mode, a standard web server can be used for transmission data at background.  User even don't aware the existing of the server.

  • StarG3's server can be free used for 6 month for any mobile terminal, as a default setting.  So user can tracking their vehicles immediately after simple installation, without any parameter setup.  After 6 month, StarG3 will collect a symbolic charge at US$1 per month.

  • User can switch to their own server at any time.  For example make use of their existing web site.  StarG3 will give necessary technical support for user to do the slight setup for their web server.

  • There are plenty of sources of web hosting service can be used as tracking server.  The cost can be very low.  The traffic and disk space used for tracking is very low.  So these web hosting service should be far enough to support both company web site and vehicle tracking application.

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