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Vehicle Tracking System

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Asset Tracking

Real time monitor the motion of vehicles or other mobile assets.

Vehicle Security

Remote sense vehicle status and control vehicle operation.

Fleet Management

Analyze driver behavior and improve productivity and safety.


VIP Vehicle - To ensure the safety and predict the arrival time accurately.

Logistics - Real time tracking of container shipment to improve their efficient and productivity.

Emergency - Ambulance and fire engine can be dispatched with fully arriving time control.

Police - Police vehicles can be managed more efficiently and faster reaction can be achieved to proven the crime.

Bank - Cash carrier vehicles can be under monitored all the way. The driver can ask for help pressing the panic button in any events.

Bus - Net bus arrival time can be predicted accurately and announced at each bus top.

Taxi - The nearest taxi can be dispatched for any customer call in.

Car Rental - To monitor each car rented by the customer, to ensure all the cars are under control.

Insurance - To minimize the risk of car stolen which under insurance is important to maximize the profit of the insurance company.

Private Car - The risk of car stolen is the big concern of every car owner. With this system, you can find you car easily wherever it will be.

Company Vehicle - Manager your company vehicles and employees more efficiently to improve their productivities.

Railway Trains, Ships - Or any other mobile objects you want to tracking and monitor.

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